스튜디오 히치


Mews Glass Block House, Seocho, Seoul, 2022
House Refurbishment, 서초동 유리블럭집, 2022

Studio Heech has refurbished the old brick load bearing house in Seoul by inserting new glass blocks creating new family living spaces.
The newly renovated 30 years old house becomes new homes for three families living together without sacrificing the advantages of private family life, the elderly parents who built this house 30 years ago and their grown-up children’s families.

Built in 1990, the load bearing brick house is located in a quiet mews in a residential area of Seocho-dong, Seoul. The space surrounded by glass blocks that penetrated between the ‘U’-shaped existing brick building provides a new living room for families. The existing low floor to ceiling height on the ground floor was improved by providing glass roof-light, The new glass blocks retains private family life from the mews outside as obtaining maximum natural light through the blocks at the same time.
The newly added translucent glass block which inspired by Maison De Verre in 1932, creates a new space with fresh impression on the outside while respecting the existing old brick building which has retained the family history and memories. The colorful tiles suggested repeatedly in the entrance hall and hallways imply the stories of various lives of three generations of the family living together.