스튜디오 히치


Four Three House & Priest House, Jungmun Catholic Church, Jeju, 2023
포스리 하우스 & 사제관, 제주 중문성당, 2023

Designed by Studio Heech and Oh Architects, Four Three House was designed and built to provide Jungmum Catholic Church’s offices, holy gift shop, archive and toilets for church community and pilgrims. It also has the purpose of commemorating Jeju 4.3 Uprising and Massacre which was a tragic incident that happened between 1947 and 1954 on Jeju Island.

The 4.3 House was inspired by the local vernacular form of buildings and by surrounding landscape and local materials. The building’s east façade with minimal openings facing the parking lot where innocent civilians were killed during the 4.3 incident, stands as a monolithic ‘wall’. The camellia-coloured tiles, which created by artist Moo-Yeol Kim to remembering the 4.3 incident, welcome and lead visitors to meditative inside spaces. The inside of the toilet is dominated by natural light coming through the roof lights that run along the outer wall of the building, and a hand-made stainless-steel sink allows visitors to wash their hands and enjoy the seascape through a panoramic horizontal window. The hidden garden outside on the west allows people to see around the wide-open landscape of Jungmun beach through local stones and existing pine trees.
The building was planned to be built with minimum amount of details and a 500mm tile pattern determines the size and rhythm of all openings inside and outside. In addition, the existing pine trees have been preserved and local stones of Jeju were used in an integrated manner.
New Priest House is located between the tangerine fields and the existing old, pitched roof house on the north part of the site. Precast concrete lintels, honestly formed openings and corrugated steel roof show how the new building responds properly to its neighboring buildings and surroundings.

Thanks God for Healing the Brokenhearted
He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds.
Psalm 147:3

The hill on which the Jungmun Church is located is a place where innocent residents were sacrificed during the Jeju 4.3 incident. The Catholic Diocese of Jeju has designated the Church as the 4.3 Memorial Church since 2018 to remember and face the heartbreaking history. Pilgrims visiting the church will have time to comfort, soothe and heal the painful wounds of this place while washing their hands at the Four Three House and enjoying the beautiful and meditative landscape of Jeju beach. Many stories including history of the church, the faith and devotion of the Catholic community, the friendship between priests and the journey of healing, have been created during the course of the project. The 4.3 house will be remembered as a place where these stories are spread and shared.

Section perspective, Drawing by Heechan Park
Concept drawing by Heechan Park